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State and local closing costs are different and separate from Real Estate Agent’s Commission and effect every Real Estate transaction. They’re unavoidable, whether you sell your house through a Real Estate Agent or not.

They include some or all of the following: legal fees, title insurance, document preparation, courier fees, documentary stamps, transfer tax, filing fees, unpaid property tax, unpaid mortgage interest, and of course any outstanding mortgage balance.

It’s a good idea to check with a local closing agent to clarify exactly what closing costs you’re facing because they differ in every state and county.

Also keep in mind that your local Network Member MAY be willing to pay closing costs on your behalf. It will depend on how the deal is structured.

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Even at my lowest low, was able to give me hope. I had listed my property with several agents, made costly repairs, posted in the scammy classifieds, paid for FSBO listings, and on and on. I tried everything I could think of with NO luck! contacted me and told me about their property listing site. I didn't have any more money to spend on listings, but this was FREE! A few days after submitting my property information, I received an email from a network member saying they wanted to buy my house. She gave me a very reasonable offer and even offered to pay cash and close fast. It was that easy, and after all of the hard work and stress I had already dealt with, was exactly what I needed.
Thank you again! Without this service, I would still be trying to sell my house.
-Stephen G.

After all you have done for me, I am confident that you were the right choice to sell my home!
I submitted everything that I knew about my property to and received a phone call the next day! My local network member stood by my side throughout the entire process. Your home buyers were positive and professional. You gave me a 'chin up' attitude when I was at my worst. I was able to save my credit, prevent foreclosure, AND I made a little money of my own in the end!
Best regards, and I wish you all the best of luck!
-Lisa D.

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We can help ALL sellers! Even if you're underwater with your mortgage, or need to stop foreclosure.
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